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Taming the Tunes

Posted by moss2010 on July 4, 2007

Here’s how to create your own playlists that are easy to do and can’t get lost so easily.

1. Create a folder with Windows Explorer like: c:\my jukebox\my parties\my rock party 1\

2. Copy (not move!) all your mp3 files to this folder

3. Select All these files

4. Right-click and select Properties

5. Click on the Summary tab

Taming itunes

6. Change the Album Title to “My Rock Party 1”

7. In iTunes import this folder

8. Use the quick find to show only the songs for the “My Rock Party 1” album

9. Create a playlist called “My Rock Party 1” and drag in all the songs

10. You have your own compilation album (and a playlist based on a folder of your songs)

11. Now you can sync to your iPod or copy the folder to your vanilla mp3 player


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