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msn email for Windows Live

Posted by moss2010 on February 9, 2011

Get yourself a Microsoft msn email address (e.g. ) as this is better than and there are a lot more choices of user name left!)
Follow this link to sign up:
Then you can sign in to which is the free Microsoft Cloud with email and apps like MS Word and MS Excel.  Then you can edit MS Word document using a browser only (e.g. on a Netbook!).
It’s not as flash as MS Word on the desktop but it works for editing (docx) content only and keeps the formatting for when you then re-open it later in MS Word 2007 or 2010. gives you 25 GB SkyDrive that is better than even more USB drives and it can’t be lost on the way home. 

You could use your msn email account for your business and gmail for personal.

Anyway check it out. It’s worth having Google and Microsoft covered.


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