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K12 schoolforge

Posted by moss2010 on December 3, 2007


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MOSS and Education

Posted by moss2010 on August 2, 2007

Solutions using MOSS for Education:

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How to VideoCast and PodCast

Posted by moss2010 on July 18, 2007

1. will do for video

2. sonific will do for audio podcasts

[Zonific acd8f31ea058143b16619b36ecefb6d5f7ee5acc] – Replace the ‘Z’ with a ‘S’

or see WordPress FAQ:

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SharePoint Training

Posted by moss2010 on July 18, 2007

Free 90 minute demos: 30-day trial of a hosted SharePoint site from Apptix  

How to ramp up:

See chapter 10 of this book:

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Split Screens – 2 keyboards, 2 mice, 1 PC, maybe 2 screens

Posted by moss2010 on July 16, 2007

Save energy, hardware costs, and space.

Mash this with ZoneOS Zone Screen that lets you extend the desktop across two monitors and get two users on one PC.


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Taming the Pod

Posted by moss2010 on July 10, 2007

How to get tunes onto your old iPod (even when iTunes can’t see it anymore)

1. Download SharePod

SharePod logo

2. Copy the folder you created for your party ‘aka playlist’ or copy albums folders

Copy To Ipod

See Taming the Tunes

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Go Vista in June 2008

Posted by moss2010 on July 9, 2007

Hold off on Vista until June 2008 or until Service Pack 2 (SP2) – whatever comes later.

For now use Windows XP Professional SP2 (if you can get a license!) or Ubuntu.

Vista = slow $1500 PC
XP= fast $750 PC
Ubuntu = fast $500 PC (without your IPod and PC games)

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Taming the Tunes

Posted by moss2010 on July 4, 2007

Here’s how to create your own playlists that are easy to do and can’t get lost so easily.

1. Create a folder with Windows Explorer like: c:\my jukebox\my parties\my rock party 1\

2. Copy (not move!) all your mp3 files to this folder

3. Select All these files

4. Right-click and select Properties

5. Click on the Summary tab

Taming itunes

6. Change the Album Title to “My Rock Party 1”

7. In iTunes import this folder

8. Use the quick find to show only the songs for the “My Rock Party 1” album

9. Create a playlist called “My Rock Party 1” and drag in all the songs

10. You have your own compilation album (and a playlist based on a folder of your songs)

11. Now you can sync to your iPod or copy the folder to your vanilla mp3 player

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Five Platforms

Posted by moss2010 on July 3, 2007

  1. MicrosoftLive
  2. GoogeApps
  3. Open Source
  4. Web 2.0
  5. And the rest: Oracle, IBM

Here’s Hanselman 5 computers:

I believe this list will likely turn into The Five Computers:

  1. Google (Apps)
  2. Amazon (EC2)
  3. Microsoft (Live)
  4. Sun (Grid)
  5. A network of installed bots on every small computer, possibly built into the OS, to use idle CPU cycles for the collective.

This “5th computer” will be the “remainder” after the first four, but might ultimately become the largest. Perhaps it’s a larger number, but surely Amazon will buy Bay at some point, and Google will buy, so they don’t count.

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VMWARE for Ubuntu and Edubuntu and Kubuntu

Posted by moss2010 on June 29, 2007

This is the way to try many Operating Systems or Server Setups without all the installation and setup hassles…we’ll see. 

I’m going to try

and  ( ) then maybe

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